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Part 41: Lips Pressing For Warrior's Advantage

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #40 - ALL OUT - Lips Pressing For Warrior's Advantage

Deathmaster780: Large Pubgoer Finishes the Wiseau Adversary
divinecoffeebinge: Large Promoter Fiending to Watch All-In
divinecoffeebinge: Lips Pressing For Warrior's Advantage
Erainor: Leftover Pugilists Fight Without Achievement

Match Card and Results posted:

It's time!
Let's go ALL OUT

The show will start an hour early, hoping it'll end in time for ALL IN so check the linked event for the exact time. For that reason I have decided to not have a bonus match for one more week. Or maybe I'll add one, I don't know, depends on the time.

#1 8-Way Chaos: Z1 Leftover Edition (and D)
Toad vs. Kylo Ren vs. El Catire Arrecho vs. Dash Rendar vs. Freddie Hope vs. A tree vs. Lore Convoluter vs. D the Destroyer
It ended with Toad, Freddie and D being still in the match, surprising no-one when they went to a draw.

#2 LP Superstar Title
Thundercat Chris Pine vs. Link (c)
Accompanied by their respective stables both fighters were determined to go home with the Superstar Title but in the end Link was able to defend the belt successfully for the first time.

#3 Kawaii title
The Brutal Baroness vs. Lady of the Lancet (c)
In the Baroness' first singles match she was able to show what she got with that vicious slap and the Torture Rack that submitted Lady.

#4 Pokeymanz Championship
Konami Kouda vs. Terara Fluffybottom (c)
This match has been a long time in the making. Konami was determined to capture the Pokeymanz Title again in order to destroy it since... like episode 4. We're now at Episode 40. Shit. Anyway, Konami defeats a returning Rara. She was not supposed to be gone for that long and yet here we are.

#5 Co-Comm Championship
Dreamland Express vs. Kylo Ren (c)
Unfortunate circumstances made it so Kylo Ren had to defend the Co-Comm Titles on his own. Face is the Buscus, meaning he's not allowed to have any matches that aren't for the Buscus and Tommy had a big match of his own ahead of him. Although the only other Handicap match in LPFWA history ended with the disadvantaged person winning, Kylo could not emerge victorious and we have new Co-Comm champions.

#6 Singles Match
Angus McMutton vs. Tommy Wiseau
Angus beat Tommy in convincing fashion after losing convincingly last time. Somehow I have the feeling that this isn't quite over yet and we will arbitrarily start this feud back up for no reason at a later date.

#7 Bunny Championship
Palpatine vs. Nuffkins (c)
Even though Palpy calls the Bunny Title bad half the time his series of six consecutive successful defenses still means something to him. Which is why he challenged Teammate Nuffkins to prove his worth. Of course, Nuffkins wins but during the match this seemingly foregone conclusion began to become uncertain when Palpy hit two Galactic Elbows. In the end Nuffkins won after the second Transitional Move (tm)

#8 Z1 Climax Final
Fruitsniffer vs. Majestic Goat-Man
Finally, the Z1 Block Winners would go all out on one another. Although he did not go down without a fight, Fruity's harder-hitting moves were shut down by Goat-Man who brought everything he got. Even two consecutive MGMs outta nowhere could not keep fruity down. A third one later on was what ended it, though.

#9 LPFWA Women's Championship
Hell-Ena vs. Valerie Easton (c)
This sounds like a cliche but What. A. War. Kisses of Death, Face Eaters, Outside Superplexes, Venom Claw and Dirty Pins... that were completely legal, of course. Hell-Ena takes a much deserved win in her third encounter with Val. I would normally put clips at the start of the post but this one spoils the finish:

#10 LPFWA Championship
Lotus Aura vs. Flamander (c)
They went fast and hard they kicked, they flipped and, in Flamanders case, wormed. Completely. Twice. Lotus could not come back from a second full worm. Flamande retains.