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Part 42: Leather Princess Foils Winning Action

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #41 - Leather Princess Foils Winning Action

crow: Leather Princess Foils Winning Action

Morgan and Jane vs. Count-Out:
Harvey Birdman vs. Dr. Ham:

Also: I made a compilation of all of the clips (plus some) - Clippamania #1

Match Card and Results posted:

First show after ALL OUT will be at our usual time again and for the first time in a while we'll have a vote for the bonus match going.

I've been thinking of cutting the vote, honestly, because while the streams get more viewers on average now votes have declined which tells me there's not that much of an interest in that anymore. But for the time being I'll keep on letting you decide our bonus matches.

#1 Buscus Brawl
Face (c) vs. a tree
The streak is finally over! Tree defeats Face! But that means Face is still the Buscus. Oops.

#2 Singles Match
Harvey Birdman vs. Dr. Ham
Our friend Harvey Debuts and apparently he's from some cartoon or something but like all fictional characters you guys expect me to know I don't. But hey, he won! But not without this happening!

#3 Tag-Team Match
Morgan Wulbraid & Inspector Jane vs. Team Count-Out
Morgan's Debut and Team Count-Out's (Nadira and DCB) official debut, although they did have a match before that ended in count-out. Like this one. Only the accidental count-out attempt got reversed and Morgan and Jane win!

Scene: Konami is plotting to get rid of the Pokeymanz Title, as usual, Val shows up but doesn't challenge her, but then Garbo Girl wants to get that title she thinks she earned and a backstage brawl ensues. Konami emerges victorious and retains the Pokeymanz Title

#4 Bunny Championship :3
Toad vs. Nuffkins (c)
These two big bois go one on one and land a ton of big moves. But in the end It's Nuffkins who takes the win again. At this point we don't really know who can beat him.

Intermission: LPFWA vs. The Universe
Bone Pimp vs. The Undertaker
The Undertaker came in to his legendary true theme song but that was not enough and Bone Pimp somehow managed to beat him.

Scene: Goat-Man trashes every belt except the LPFWA Title, which he intends to go for as his reward for winning the Z1.

#5 Singles Match
Lotus Aura vs. D the Destroyer
The two people who challenged Flamander for the LPFWA Championship so far go against each other. As expected it's very close but D takes the win in the end.

#6 Kawaii Title
Kara the Punch Wizard vs. The Brutal Baroness (c)
Suddenly Kara Punches Baroness and Baroness stays down for the 3-Count. Brutal.