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Part 43: Lotus Pushes for Winning Anime

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #42 - Lotus Pushes for Winning Anime

Match Card and Results posted:

This week's show will be at the usual time.

Due to decline in people voting I decided to actually do something different. Rather than voting on a bonus match I'll just do whatever as an intermission. Also it's a pain to slightly alter the google form every week.

This time we'll be seeing a small bit of WWE Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain's season mode.

Scene: The Hugrule Warriors have a standard strategy meeting followed by ice cream.

#1 Buscus Brawl
Face (c) vs. Lore Convoluter
Face finally manages to get rid of the Buscus, enabling him to compete for the Co-Comm Titles again.

#2 Three-Way
Harvey Birdman vs. Bone Pimp vs. Edgy Boi
Basically, everyone got their stuff in but Harvey ends up taking the win.

#3 Singles Match
Morgan Wulbraid vs. Terara Fluffybottom
Rara gets her first win since returning from the crate dimention and her second ever win :3

Scene: Konami further prepares to destroy the Pokeymanz Title, but Inspector Jane overhears DCB and Konami talking and now believes that the Pokeymanz Title is linked to some Satanic occurences.

#4 Tag Team Match
oRa66 vs. Hugrule Warriors
Fruity hugs palpy!1!!

Intermission: WWE Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain Season Mode
- IGgy vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin - Stone Cold wins
- America Man vs. IGgy's Dad - IGgy's Dad wins

#5 LP Superstar Championship
D the Destroyer vs. Link (c)
Aw man! This could have been a good one but it ended via count-out

#6 Bunny Championship :3
Lotus Aura vs. Nuffkins (c)
What a match! Lotus brought a dive, Imploding 450s and several Suplex Cutters, Nuffkins brought the Nuffkins Move, the Nuff Said and the Transitional Move. In the end it was another Nuff Said that ended it all.