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Part 44: Lackey of Palpy Fucks With Attorney

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #43 - Lackey of Palpy Fucks With Attorney

Deathmaster780: Lackey of Palpy Fucks With Attorney

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Match Card and Results posted:

This week's show will happen, you guessed it, this Saturday, at the usual time.

We'll start to check out the N64 AKI games in our intermission segment, starting with both their WCW titles.

The match card for this week is as follows:

#1 Buscus Brawl
Lore Convoluter (c) vs. Tommy Wiseau
Tommy gets what he deserves. By which I mean the Buscus. Tha means Lore wins!

Scene: Jeff Lyfe interviews Flamander on next week's match, asking him about his thoughts on the Challenger, Goat-Man. Flamander doesn't seem too impressed. Then Fruity shows up and announces he also wants a shot at Flamander, with or without title, because he's still a bit salty about the time Flamander hugged him. Then Fruity, Flamander and Jeff go for a couple beers.

#2 Singles Match
Morgan Wulbraid vs. DivineCoffeeBinge
We believed right until the end that DCB might win this one. She didn't. Morgan takes the victory.

#3 Singles Match
The Brutal Baroness vs. Yelizaveta RN
Red Dress vs. Red Dress. Red Dress won. Oh, the shiny one. The one that the Brutal Baroness was wearing. Actually, to think of it, it was her who won. The dress did noting.

Scene: Jane calls out Konami because she doesn't properly understand how the Pokeymanz Title works and accidentally challenges her to a match instead of taking the easy route and ambush her. Ah well.

#4 Bunny Championship
Harvey Birdman vs. Nuffkins (c)
Wow, the Birdman is going fast, but can't keep the pace for long. Nuffkins wins in the end but it was not a 100% clean victory as Angus pulled out the ref when Nuffkins was pinned.

Intermission: AKI Games: WCW vs. nWo: World Tour & WCW vs. nWo: Revenge
- Buff Bagwell vs. Scott Steiner - Buff is the stuff and the girls just can't get enough!
- Scott Steiner vs. Buff Bagwell - Normally when you go one on one with another wrestler, Scott Steiner wins.

#5 Three-Way
Toad vs. Freddie Hope vs. D the Destroyer
That one went fast! They all kind of did damage to each other but in the end Toad pinned Freddie after a successful FU2

Scene: Rara wants the championship... uh... it's not gold. It doesn't look like gold. It's the LPFWA Women's Championship. She was denied her chance to compete in the inaugural tournament so it's only fair that she gets a chance now. Against a literal demon. Hell-Ena accepts. This will be a match of polar opposites.

#6 Co-Comm Championship
First oRa vs. Dreamland Express (c)
After Kylo's resilient performance last time it's kind of surprising but the Dreamland Express retains.