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Part 46: Let's Perform Finishers With Alliteration

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #45 - Let's Perform Finishers With Alliteration
That was a fun show if I say so myself!
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Deathmaster780: LOL Please! Fucking Wiseau's Atorcious
ActnShakespeare: Let's Perform Finishers With Alliteration
Deathmaster780: Longhorned Purple Fighter Wins Again

I've added a new match to our highlights! (or two matches, really)


#7 Episode 21, Match ??? - The LPFWA Women's Championship Tournament Finals
(Link to whole show)
The Finals of the Tournament to crown the inaugural LPFWA Women's Title was the culmination of a trainwreck of an episode that I can only recommend watching as a whole to get the full picture, but here's a quick rundown:
At the start of the episode Rara was assaulted backstage and got stuck in a crate... Moving on, the matches proceed as normal until one match ended and then restarted. I do this sometimes for fun, but I always use the first take. However, it was only a question of time until I mess up and accidentally include the runback. So the timelines split here... to make things worse. And later on I accidentally included a botched take...
So before the finals Rara escaped the crate but as we all know Rara was stuck in that crate for months to come. This is the episode that made everything weird. Anyway, you're about to see the canon and the non canon finals in succession. The "first" one was not pre-recorded for a change, the second was, but I mistakenly recorded the match for my botched outcomes. Vintage LPFWA!

IMatch Card and Results posted:

Next show is at the usual time
What there will be as an intermission or if there will be one is to be decided.

This week a newcomer, indie darling Grace Thorusopn makes her LPFWA debut, Goat-Man getse a shot at the bunny title because he's beat the current champion during the Z1, oRa66 and Hugrule warriors go against each other to determine a No. 1 Contender for the Co-Comm titles and Samus challenges Morgan Wulbraid for the Kawaii Title.

I also put our match highlights in spreadsheet form so I don't have to update it in multiple places anymore.
Of course you are welcome to suggest matches to use as highlights as usual.

#1 Buscus Brawl
Tomy Wiseau (c) vs. Woolsey Smythe
Wiseau starts strong but can't keep up and stays the Buscus

#2 Three-Way
Angus McMutton vs. D the Destroyer vs. Lore Convoluter
D pins Angus for the pin but roughed up both of his opponents considerably.

#3 Singles Match
Jumpy-Chan vs. Grace Thoruson
Strong debut for Grace as she beats Jumpy.

Scene: The Hugrule Warriors discuss who's going to be in the No. 1 Contender match for the Co-Comm Titles later on. They settle on Link and Catire.

#4 Bunny Championship :3
The Majestic Goat-Man vs. Freddie Hope (c)
Goat proves that his win over Freddie in the Z1 was not just a fluke, but this time Freddie took him seriously, making this a much more even match. In the end, though, we have a new Bunny Champion, goat.

Intermission: WWF Wrestlemania Arcace (Mega Drive version)

#5 Co-Comm No. 1 Contender Match
oRa 66 vs. Hugrule Warriors
Despite going against Palpy AND Nuffkins Catire and Link pull out a win with Catire pinning Palpy.

#6 Kawaii Championship
Samus vs. Morgan Wulbraid (c)
They went back and forth for a bit but the Vertebreaker ended the match as it should.