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Part 48: Ladies, Pin! Forever Wrestling, Always!

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #47 - Ladies, Pin! Forever Wrestling, Always!

RatherWT: Ladies, Pin! Forever Wrestling, Always!
Hitler's Gay Secret: LPFWA - Liars Paid For Wasted Attention

Here's a clip from the episode:

Match Card and Results posted:

Next show is at the usual time.

We'll determine No. 1 Contender's for both the Co-Comm and LPFWA Women's Titles.
It's already been decided that Fruity will be challenging Flamander for the LPFWA Championship next week.
For the Superstar Title the challenger will be Toad if anil retains (because he squashed anil in a title match before) and Palpy if Kylo wins (because he's defended the title against Kylo successfully before).
Kawaii Title contender will likely also be decided on the six-woman Battle Royal,
Bunny Title contender will be decided on a whim.
Pokeymanz? You never know.

The Third Street Sinners will also reveal a new member

Here's another highlight uploaded. You can check out all the others here. You are welcome to suggest other stuff you liked in this here thread if you wish.

LPFWA 2k18 Highlights #8 E32M9: Justice Soldier Flamander vs. Nuffkins (c) for the LPWA Title
(Link to whole show)
Nuffkins' reign as LPFWA Championship is an impressive one. He defended his LPFWA Title every month in an almost casual fashion winning the right to wear an article of clothing from the opponents attire as their own until he had a full costume and then continuing to beat people.
Not to say that his previous challengers were not worthy, he did beat people like Freddie Hope, Toad, Fruitsniffer, Goldberg (Yes, that one) among others. Flamander, however would prove to be his greatest challenger yet. In part due to Nuffkins' own insistence in provoking Flamander.
In the weeks leading up to HELL (the PPV this match would take place) Nuffkins, having grown increasingly frustrated being able to beat everyone, snapped and attacked Flamander himself, Freddie and even Jeff Lyfe, which was what finally convinced Flamander to face Nuffkins in his Super Sentai Form.
Flamander was transformed into Justice Soldier Flamander once more.

And here, of course, is the match card:

#1 Buscus Brawl
Schir (c) vs. Macro Man Keynes
Schir proves that he is the King of Jobbers by actually losing!

#2 Co-Comm Championship No 1. Contender's Match
Los Borrachos vs. Third Street Sinners
Mainly IGgy gets kicked around a lot. Then the Sinners win.

#3 Singles Match
Konami Kouda vs. Yelizaveta RN
Almost everybody thought Liza was gonna take it for sure but then Konami won anyway.

Scene: Goat commends Macro on being the only member of the Sinners to not have held the Buscus. Then they talk a bit about sinning.

#4 Bunny Title
Link vs. Majestic Goat-Man (c)
Goat-Man ties his previous reign with one (1) defense as he loses and has to hand the belt to Link.

#5 LPFWA Women's Championship No. 1 Contender Match
Valerie Easton vs. Nadira vs. Tolvie vs. Grace Thoruson vs. Kara the Punch Wizard vs. The Brutal Baroness
This match quickly turned into a three-way between Val, Grace and The Baroness but that took about ten minutes. Eventually they stopped interrupting each other's finishers. Val tapped to Baroness' Torture Rack only for her to immediately being hit by a Saving Grace, earning Grace a shot at the LPFWA Women's Title against Hell-Ena.

#6 LP Superstar Title
Kylo Ren vs. anilEhilated (c)
anil mostly kicks around Kylo. But then Tommy breaks up a pinfall by dragging out the referee, giving Kylo time to mount a comeback. After over 15 minutes Kylo finally pins anil for the win.