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Part 51: Local Police Force Wasted Again

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #50 - Local Police Force Wasted Again

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RatherWT: Local Police Force Wasted Again
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IGgy IGsen posted:

Getting closer to The End For Now (tm). This week's show will be at the usual time, in the usual place. Every match is either a title match or a #1 Contender Match. Well, once a #2 Contender Match, but the matches this and next week will determine the title matches as well as the undercard for the final show, which will be called FIGHT THE POWAH!

Also, here's the cover of an issue of Pro Wrestling Universe:

And, of course, the match card.

Scene: Palpy doesn't even know he has a match coming up and is informed by Angus that he's competing against the Buscus

#1 Buscus Brawl
A tree (c) vs. Palpatine
Palpy proves that he's not completely bad by actually beating a tree. The It took three Imperial Powerbombs and then another Darkside McTwist, though.

#2 Winner Faces Nuffkins in No. 1 Contender Match for LPFWA Title
Pyroi DDD vs. The Majestic Goat-Man
Could have gone either way until Pyroi was DQ'd due to minor interference by Edgi Boi. That Ref does not fuck around.

Scene: IGgy and Fruity have a chat. Turns out Fruity was interviewed by Pro Wrestling Universe and he's a sad man and they were allowed to write whatever they wanted about him.

#3 Co-Comm Title Match Contract at FTP (Ladder Match)
Dash Rendar (Borrachos) vs. Face (First oRa) vs. Bone Pimp (Sinners) vs. Angus Mcmutton (oRa 66) vs. El Catire Arrecho (Hugrule) vs. Woolsey Smythe (Haunted Forest)
They climbed the ladder a couple times but in the end it was Face who secured a title shot at FTP for the First oRa, not as I would incorrectly point out before the match and later during Palpy's promo for the oRa 66. Face isn't with them anymore. Also, this isn't the final episode.

#4 Bunny Championship :3
Freddie Hope vs. Link (c)
Against all odds Link managed to beat Freddie.

#5 Determining a LPFWA Women's Challenger for FTP (Elimination)
Morgan Wulbraid vs. Valerie Easton vs. Grace Thoruson vs. Nadira
This was a falls count anywhere match that took place outside of the ring for the most part. First to be eliminated wad Grace, then Nadira and finally Val, securing Morgan a match against Hell-Ena for the LPFWA Women's Title in two weeks.

Scene: Palpy is sad he doesn't have a match at FTP but decides to offer the us a match that LPFWA can't refuse. He challenges THE UNDERTAKER but he does not come. Now, we all know Taker comes to the ring real slow but even after waiting some more. He does not show. Defeated he leaves the ring.

#6 Kawaii Championship
The Brutal Baroness vs. Tolvie (c)
Tolvie successfully defends against Baroness in short order