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Part 52: Laudable Pros Freely Waste Asses!

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #51 - Laudable Pros Freely Waste Asses!
Okay! The Championship matches for next week are set. It will be the final episode! We're all going to die! The final match card will be posted in the next few days.

Clip from Match 6:

Match Card and Results posted:

All right! Time for the penultimate episode of this run at the usual time. More Contender Matches and all the usual stuff. Let's see how this goes.

Scene: Palpy is just in the crowd, kind of depressed. Jeff interviews thinking he's up to no good, but nah, he's just watching.

#1 Buscus Brawl
A tree (c) vs. IGgy
IGgy fails to end the season as it started, as the Buscus, by beating the tree.

#2 Singles Match
Bone Pimp vs. Face
I forget why this match was a thing but Face won it.

#3 LP Superstar No. 1. Contender Match
Lore Convoluter vs. D the Destroyer vs. Toad vs. Thundercat Chris Pine vs. Kylo Ren vs. Harvey Birdman
This match was for one fall only. Kylo won via pinfall after Harvey did his finisher but didn't go for the pin himself.

Scene: Jane and Konami discuss Pokeymanz strats backstage. They are visited by Grace and Val-ena, both kinda imply that they are interested in the Pokeymanz Title.

#4 Kawaii Championship No. 1 Contender Match
Brutal Baroness vs. DivineCoffeeBinge vs. Kara the Punch Wizard vs. Samus Aran
Kara manages to stay until the end in this Elimination Tables match and secures a shot at the Kawaii Title for next week.

#5 Bunny Championship :3
Dash Rendar vs. Link (c)
It was almost a squah. Not quite, but almost. Link won.

Scene: John Cena, Toad and DCB just kinda talk backstage when Palpy appears and wants to be part of the thing. They don't seem to trust him. So Palpy tells his sob story about wanting to go to FIGHT THE POWAH! Then John Cena tells his sob story about wanting to go to Wrestlemania 34. Then Palpy claims he can beat Cena, which Cena finds so laughable that he goes to IGgy to book Palpy getting wrecked. Palpy is now happy again.

#6 Co-Comm Championship Match
Freddie Hope & Flamander vs. Dreamland Express (c)
This match was fucking long!!! Fredmander take the win after... like... 25-ish minutes????

#7 LPFWA Championship No. 1 Contender Match
The Majestic Goat-Man vs. Nuffkins
This one also took very long. Goat tried very hard to defeat The Nuff. But it was not meant to be. Many Elbow Drops to their Asses were exchanged in the process. Nuffkins goes on to challenge Fruity at FIGHT THE POWAH!

Scene: Turns out we're all gonna die due to timeline fuckery that began in Episode 21, the LPFWA Women's Title Tournament. And the only way to fix things is to break them more. By Wrestling. It makes perfect sense.

Before the show:

Hitlers Gay Secret posted:

: I'ma gonna win this one by pinning Captain Kirk, calling it now.

Defiance Industries posted:

Todd, let me tell you something about screenwriting from the perspective of a big-time actor. I was the first LP Superstar champion, back when the season started, and now I'm in a match to determine the final champion going into the season finale? We're looking at the last leg of a Hero's Journey arc, with 'Thundercat' Chris Pine as the titular hero. I've returned to redeem my failure in the first act using the knowledge and skills I gained during my journey with the 3rd Street Sinners.


After the show: