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Part 53: Let's Pleasurably Finish (this) Wrestling Adventure

LPFWA 2k18 Finale - FIGHT THE POWAH - Let's Pleasurably Finish (this) Wrestling Adventure
Here it is... the final episode...
This is LPFWA for now. I don't know if or when there will be another one of these, but this time, at least, I didn't end it because I didn't feel it anymore (Season 1) or because I was burnt out on it (Season 2) but because... well... we went for a really long time. Thanks everybody for watching live, for watching vods, for contributing characters, for being on commentary, for contributing to the thread, for lurking in the thread, for following this all the way to the end, for hopping in in the middle, for giving it a chance.

If you want to relieve some of LPFWA stuff I made a list of highlights. I will continue updating it as there are still some matches that I want to add (and you're free to suggest more)

I also made a second Clippamania featuring more twitch clips collected into one pile. Here's the first one in case you missed it or wanna watch it again

Again, no idea when or if another season or something similar will materialize. Might be soon, might be in a while, might be never. But if you want to be the first to learn feel free to hop on in on the Discord

And with all that said: Here's the actual meat of this post:

Episode Title Suggestions:
Hamstray: Last Pins For Watchers Amusement
Deathmaster780: Let's Pleasurably Finish this Wrestling Adventure
tevery_best: Last Push For Wrestling Ambitions

Match Card and Results posted:

Okay everyone it's finally time! Let's put an end to this madness.
The final episode of LPFWA will be livestreamed in the usual place, at the usual time.
You can set a reminder for the show by following the link and click "Remind Me". You can also just keep following this thread where I'll make a post when we go live. Or the stream thread, or the discord, or twitter, or twitch... social media is hell.

It's going to be hour 52nd episode and the final one for now. Holy shit! That's a lot. Last time we threw the moon into the sun by accident and had to prevent it with more wrestling. This time wie accidentally screwed up the entire space-time continuum and have to solve the problem with wrestling. I'm seeing a pattern here. Not sure what else to say, so here's the matches.

In addition to the below there may also be additional matches

Scene: Dash Rendar returns to the LPFWA arena thinking he's booked for a match tonight. But he's not. Leebo reminds him that IGgy told him that which caused him to binge drink and burn his wrestling gear. Which explains by Dash is in his underwear (plus gloves). What it doesn't explain is the Smiley face shaved into Dash's chest hair. Dash claims not to remember these things and is determined to get himself booked on the fly!

Pre-Show: The Big Dumb Chaotic Mess (tm) but this time with Over the Top Rope Rules
Lore Convoluter vs. Schir vs. Edgi Boi vs. Harvey Birdman vs. Toad vs. Dr. Ham vs. Thundercat Chris Pine vs. SCOTT FUCKING STEINER

#1 Falls Count Anywhere
DivineCoffeeBinge vs. Konami Kouda

Scene: Well, actually it's a backstage brawl, Jane challenges DCB for the Pokeymanz. DCB wins!!!

#2 Palpy Gets a Match
Palpatine vs. John Cena
Palpy gets destroyed by 2 AAs, 1 Avalanche AA and 1 Five Knuckle Shuffle. Does very little himself, but acts like he's winning despite getting his ass kicked real hard.

Scene: Jeff is supposedly interviewing IGgy but Angus is also there mad that he's not booked on the show. To make things worse Dash shows up and is also mad he's not booked. Then Catire shows up and quietly asks if maybe IGgy forgot to book him. Then Pyroi just shows up for the hell of it so IGgy decides to just book all of them in a Ladder match with him and throws Jeff in there for no good reason. They head to the ring. Then Bone Pimp and D show up and also book themselves into the match...

Angus McMutton vs. Dash Rendar vs. El Catire Arrecho vs. Pyroi vs. Jeff Lyfe vs. IGgy vs. Bone Pimp vs. D the Destroyer
IGgy is the best and wins, duh!

#3 Co-Comm Championship
First oRa vs. Fredmander (c)
Oh no! It's a heel victory! The first oRa manage to defeat Freddie Hope and Flamander, becoming the final Co-Comm champs of the season!

#4 LP Superstar Championship
Kylo Ren vs. Lotus Aura (c)
Oh no! Another heel victory! Kylo takes his win and title back from Lotus.

#5 Kawaii Championship
Kara the Punch Wizard vs. Tolvie (c)
I blinked, I missed it. Apparently Tolvie squashed Kara.

Scene: All four Hugrule Warriors hang out backstage, lamenting that they won't finish the show holding all male singles titles. Fruity confides that he doesn't think he has what it takes to not just win but also deliver a good match to save the universe. After all he's been beaten twice by Nuffkins already. The others remind him that it's 2 out of 3 falls, which might be in his favor, but Fruity falters at the thought of having to beat Nuffkins twice and crumbles more when remembering that he will probably get beaten twice today... then IGgy shows up reminds Fruity that we'll all die if he fails, then disappears again. Fruity breaks into tears. His friends try to raise his spirits, and it works somewhat. But is it enough?

#6 Bunny Championship :3
Majestic Goat-Man vs. Link (c)
Apparently somehow this ended up being a double turn???? Goat fought clean and Link tried to murder. Goat took home the win a... heel victory? Or is he a face now? Whatever.

#7 LPFWA Women's Championship
Morgan Wulbraid vs. Hell-ena (c)
Morgan hits Hell-Ena with three Dragon's Breaths/Copkillas, but since Hell-Ena is in fact not a cop it's not enough to put her away. She eats Morgans face and pins her for the win!

Scene: Konami just can't let it go. She is in the ring and challenges DCB for one more Pokeymanz match, claiming that there's voices in people's heads or something. DCB kind of gently tries to tell Konami that she's full of shit but then Grace shows up and also wants in on the action. And of course, finally, Valerie also comes. Val also reveals that she married Hell-Ena 666 hours ago...

X2 Falls Count Anywhere
Konami Kouda vs. DivineCoffeeBinge vs. Grace Thoruson vs. Valerie Easton
Wow! Grace pins DCB becoming the new Pokeymanz champion, but this is elimination it's not over just yet. Konami gets eliminated by Grace with a quick roll up and finally Val pins Grace becoming the Pokeymanz Champion.

Main Event: LPFWA Championship (2 out of 3 Falls)
Nuffkins vs. Fruitsniffer (c)
Nuffkins is hugged twice, but doesn't submit, he answers with Nuffkins moves and Nuff Said, but Fruity also does not give up. Finally with the third hug Nuffkins realizes love is real but is still determined to win, answering with another Nuff Said immediately, pinning Fruity. Both wrestlers are at the end of their wits now, going for pins off of basic moves. Eventually Nuffkins taps out to that weird arm and leg hug move Fruity does. Fruity retains. And the match was good enough for the universe not to die??? At least I think so, we're still here.

To help me book LPFWA I created a huge-ass spreadsheet. Which had the benefit that I could get all kinds of interesting tidbits by looking at all these numbers I put down. Below is a collection of some of the data I've gathered. I prepared a watered down version of it that mirrored some data but here's the actual spreadsheet I used to record everything.

General Stats:

Total Matches: 409
Singles Matches: 313 (76.53 %)
Tag Matches: 43 (10.51%)
Multi Matches: 49 (11.98%)
The remaining 4 (0.98%) were Fire Pro Wrestling World matches.

16 (3.96%) of all Matches ended by count-out
6 of those involved DCB, she won 4 of those.
3 of these wins were in singles matches.
That's 30 % of all her singles wins.

12 (2.97%) of all Matches ended in a draw
6 of all Draws were Battle Royals that curtain jerked most PPVs
1 of those 6 ended via the game crashing
5 of all Draws were singles matches.
1 of those ended by the game soft locking.

The rarest general match types are:
4-Person Tag Matches and Handicap matches.
There was only one of each.

There were a total of 135 Scenes
There were an average 2.62 Scenes per Episode.
Backstage Brawls were also counted as scenes.
Mainly because they have nothing to do wiht how good someone does
But some of them also only served to further the story.
Which actually makes them scenes.

Championship Stats:

LPFWA Championship:
Longest Reign: 218 Days (by Nuffkins)
Most Successful Defenses: 7 (by Nuffkins)
Most Reigns: 1 (Shared by all. Flamander has 2 if we count the one from Season 2)
Total Reigns: 3
Total Matches: 13

LPFWA Women's Championship:
Longest Reign: 84 Days (ongoing, by Hell-Ena)
Most Successful Defenses: 3 (ongoing, by Hell-Ena)
Most Reings: 2 (Hell-Ena)
Total Reigns 4.5
Total Matches: 10

Bunny Championship :3
Longest Reign: 84 Days (by Nuffkins)
Most Successful Defenses: 10 (by Nuffkins)
Most Reigns: 3 by (Majestic Goat-Man)
Total Reigns: 16
Total Matches: 51

Kawaii Championship:
Longest Reign: 63 Days (by Valerie Easton, Tolvie and Nadira)
Most Successful Defenses: 3 (by Tolvie and Nadira)
Most Reigns: 2 (Tolvie and Valerie Easton)
Total Reigns: 14
Total Matches: 25

LP Superstar Championship:
Longest Reign: 106 Days (by a tree)
Most Successful Defenses: 5 (by a tree)
Most Reigns: 2 (by Palpy and anilEhilated)
Total Reigns: 11
Total Matches: 25

Co-Comm Championship:
Longest Reign: 92 Days (by Fredmander)
Most Successful Defenses: 5 (by Fredmander)
Most Reigns: 3 (by First oRa)
Total Reigns: 12
Total Matches: 25

Pokeymanz Title:
Longest Reign: 35 Days (by Tolvie)
Most Successful Defenses: 1 (Hell-Ena, Valerie Easton, Konami Kouda, DivineCoffeeBinge)
Most Reigns: 2 (by Valerie Easton, Konami Kouda and DivineCoffeeBinge)
Total Reigns: 16
Total Matches: 23

The Buscus:
Longest Reign: 71 Days (by Bone Pimp)
Most Successful Defenses: 5 (by Bone Pimp and The Masked Man)
Most Reigns: 2 (by The Masked Man and Woolsey Smythe)
Total Reigns: 17
Total Matches: 32

Wrestler Stats:

Out of 63 character submissions I made 52
That accounts for 82,54% of all submissions.
(This, of course, includes my own characters)

There was only one character I rejected.
It was literally a penis.
The rest of the undone ones were from repeat contributors
So everybody got at least one character made.

The Wrestlers that appeared the most period (Matches + Scenes) are:
Fruity (57), Palpy (56), DCB (51), IGgy (50), Kylo (45)

The 5 Wrestlers with the most matches were:
DCB (40), Palpy (35), Kylo (34), Goat (34) and Fruity (31)

If we take matches per Episode starting from the debut of wrestlers:
Grace (0.88), DCB (0.77), Palpy (0.69), Kylo (0.67) and Goat (0.67)
Morgan Wulbraid also has 0.67 Matches per Episode.

The five characters that appeared in scenes the most were:
Fruitsniffer (27), Palpatine (21), Link (15), Nuffkins (14), Catire (13)
This excludes IGgy (27) and Jeff Lyfe (29)

The LPFWA Elite Four are:
Nuffkins, Fruitsniffer, Hell-Ena, Flamander.
I forgot how exactly I calculated these. But this list looks accurate.
It does favor people with a higher match-count, though.

For just the Women's Division this would be:
Hell-Ena, Valerie Easton, Morgan Wulbraid and Nadira.

And forthe Men's Division...
Nuffkins, Fruitsniffer, Flamander and Goat-Man

If you want to be negative here's the bottom 4:
DCB, Masked Man, Lore Convoluter and Garbo Girl