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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

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Original Thread: Let's Die for the Motherland in War in the East



Gary Grigsby's War in the East is a turn based wargame covering the Eastern front of World War 2 from June 22nd 1941 to July 4th 1945. The map stretches from Berlin to the Urals with each hex representing 10 miles and on-map counters that are normally division sized, but can range up to corps and down to a batallion or regiment level. Don't let that scare you off though - War in the East tracks things behind the scenes to a horrifying level, down to the individual armaments of a 12 man rifle squad or the quirks of a particular model of AFV.


We're going to be playing as the Soviet Union, trying to fight off the best equipped, most experienced army in the world. The first few years will be difficult as we wear down the invader and reforge our army into something capable of fighting a modern war. After that there will hopefully be the sweet catharsis of shattering the German army and driving into Berlin. I say hopefully because I'm pretty terrible at this game, infact I've never even won! Maybe me having to justify my actions will make slow down enough to play properly and win this thing.

We're also going to throw in 2 advantages for the German AI. Firstly we're going to be playing with the Don to the Danube expansion pack's alternate victory scenario. It's identical to the normal '41-45 scenario except that the Germans only need to accrue 260 victory points instead of the normal 290, so if things go pear shaped we're going to lose in a hurry. Secondly we're going to give the AI a 10% boost on difficulty, I've found in previous games I've played that this makes the German AI much better at driving East and beating the shit out of me.

You can buy the game Here for $80 and the expansion here for another $15. Or you can wait until they go on sale in November for ~$60 and $10 respectively.

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