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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 3: Tutorials - Support Units

So support units. They mostly work behind the scenes but they're incredibly important to both the Soviet and German games. Soviet support units get attached to armies and to a lesser extent fronts. Armies or Fronts in range of a battle can make an initiative check, if they pass then they're allowed to commit support units to the fight. Soviets also have the option to attach up to 3 support units directly to corps size counters, support units attached directly to a combat unit are committed to every fight that unit participates in and are for all intents and purposes part of that counter. The downside is directly attached units are only committed when their parent unit is in a fight and are unable to help other units in the army/front. When a corps counter breaks down into divisions or brigades the support units are randomly assigned to the counters that it broke down into.

German support units work basically the same with one really big difference. Since the Germans do not have corps size counters they're allowed to attach 3 support units to division sized counters. This is huge and allows the German player to turn individual divisions into unstoppable death machines at the cost of weakening the rest of the army. This is extremely important in '41 for capturing Leningrad before the mud turns and in the rest of the war for creating hard points or blasting through Soviet defense-in-depth.

Now on to a breakdown of what the individual support units actually are/do. I'm only going to be talking about the Soviet support units. When Romania surrendered we gained the ability to make about a dozen different Romanian support units that are effectively the same as the Soviet ones but use Romanian equipment, I will never be making these so any Romanian ones you see in the game are from the ~100 support units Romania had when she surrendered.