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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 105: Turn 112: August 5, 1943

Ughhhh the Germans need to stop running away, I can't take this anymore.

With the pocket liquidated I've got 2 fronts free to move west. The southwestern front will be heading down to Austria to bolster the western and Transcaucasus front while the Kalinin front assists the push on Berlin.

The Northwestern front remains behind to continue the siege of Koenigsberg. The next few turns are going to be spent taking the outskirts of the town before we get enough hex sides to actually assault the city itself.

The rest of my forces move up to engage the Germans and launch assaults wherever possible. Panzer activations continue to harass me but I simply don't care anymore, if I throw away enough troops the Germans have to give up the hex, their fortifications are not strong enough to withstand me.

Beep boop chasing Germans.

Posen is the last major Polish city under German control. What I would like to do is break the line south of the city and then loop north but I'll take whatever I can get.

The rest of my forces just push west into the latest huge German withdrawal, how dull.

The Germans have held their ground here so I might actually be able to accomplish something.

Eh, there's still a few panzer-grenadiers down here including the Wiking SS division which is slowing me down. Once I get the southwestern front down here the Germans won't be able to hold me back. I shipped out a tank army last turn so I've only got the western front's tanks here now, one tank army isn't enough to do much but destabilize the line.

Down in the mountains I take a few hexes and harass the Germans, all I really needed to do.

Nothing, they held their ground barring a few minor retreats to straighten the line. Time to bring the pain!

Another short turn as everything gets into position, hopefully next week will be more exciting. German tank numbers are nuts, no wonder the panzer-grenadiers are giving me a migraine.