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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 112: Turn 119: September 23, 1943

I'm really loving this streak of guards promotions, much nicer than another half dozen support units.

I'm extremely close to Berlin but without a rail across the river I'm not getting the fuel I need to actually punch through the German line and take it.

Attempts to enlarge my hold on the western bank are mostly quashed, I launch 10 separate attacks which result in 2 hexes being taken. There are enormous amounts of panzers here, every battle in this screenshot involved at least 150 German tanks with most having over 200. I pull my armor back across the river where possible to refuel and get some artillery over the river which should help me continue to expand my bridgehead next turn.

Further south we take some hexes and the Bryansk front moves into position to relieve the battered central front over the next few weeks.

Behind the line my paratroops arrive and detrain but I am informed by the manual that only regiment and brigade sized formations can make airdrops into enemy territory so these guys are just gonna take a break back here for a while.

Will I finally manage to break through in the south? Will it matter? No, not really.

A few miles gained in the drive on Prague, the forts are just too big for the forces I've got down here to make any real progress.

At least the drive on Linz is still steadily making progress. There's a pair of panzer divisions that are slowing me down but they can't stop me.

Nothing really, just re-organizing the frontline.

Very short turn, mostly just consolidating my position on the west bank so I can continue to gain ground going forward. I should be able to shatter the German line, it's just a matter of getting my armor off the line and getting my artillery into position to do work with only a single hex to work with on the west bank.