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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 113: Turn 120: September 30, 1943

Bleh, boring.

The German line looks a lot stronger after flying recon. I had been planning on breaking out to the north because the line looked week but there's way too much stuff there. Instead I think I'm going to try to break out near Berlin or at the very least expand my bridgehead.

Works for me, most of the Leningrad front is across the river and I've now got some room to actually manuever.

A series of very bloody battles cost me a lot of tanks but the result is worth it, I've got nearly all my artillery across the river and I'm able to get a rail across into Stettin. One thing to note here is the single Panzer division in Berlin has a defensive CV of 106 with only a level 2 fortification, if the Germans stick 2-3 division in that hex I won't be able to take the city until I cut the city off.

Supply situation on the front is really good, I'll be able to sustain an offensive until the mud hits at the very least.

South of the city I take a few hexes and the Bryansk front rejoins the frontline after a few weeks off. They're extremely well equipped, well rested and hopefully they'll break the stalemate that's been forming down here.


I think the Germans have stripped some armor from Prague which could mean I might actually be able to do something this turn.

North of the city is fine, I easily shift some Germans out of the way and advance a few miles.

South of the city however is still awful, I need to take the western front off the line for a week or two and give them some rest, some of their corps are absolutely trashed. Luckily the Northwest front arrived down here this week so I'll be able to rotate the western out over the next few weeks.

The push on Linz is going well, I should take it before the mud hits.

A major withdrawal in Bohemia, doing this shortens the line further allowing the Germans to pull more troops back to Berlin without sacrificing the south.

Just a few turns before the mud hits, looks the final victory is going to have to wait for the snow.