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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 116: Turn 126: November 11, 1943

Troops are rested, rails are caught up, trucks are in good supply and the Germans are anemic everywhere. I think it's time to finish this.

Not enough Germans to hold me back.

North of the city, the only area in this region without on-map artillery support, it is an absolute killing field. Soviet corps drive back German divisions everywhere with minimal losses.

South of the city I take a single hex which allows more artillery to get in range of Berlin.

And then the assault on the city itself begins. Defensive CV is too high to take the hex but reducing the fort will make next weeks assault all the more deadly.

Further south of the city I drive the Germans back across the river, if I can break them here my armor can loop up and flank Berlin. Right now it seems much more likely that the northern flank will shatter before I can break them down here though.

Less exciting down here but every German formation I damage down here is more reinforcements not flowing into Berlin.

Around Prague it's the same story as North of Berlin. Under-strength German formations getting butchered in open terrain.

The Germans near Linz fare better with the mountainous terrain allowing them to hold on.

North of Berlin the Germans launch a trio of attacks to rescue a trapped division and succeed, barely.

Nearly there, just need to keep wearing the Germans down until something gives way.