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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 117: Turn 127: November 18, 1943

Sooo close.

I had hoped to capture the city by direct assault but it looks like that is out of the question. Now I'm going to continue to try to shatter the flanks while grinding down the hexes directly adjacent to Berlin, if I can get 3-4 hex-sides on the city itself I may be able to take the hex without cutting off the city.

The Leningrad front continues to take hexes at a steady pace although they are not as wildly successful as they were last week.

I make two attempts to cross the ice-clogged river north of Berlin and am repulsed with heavy losses both times. I'll probably have to wait for the river to freeze solid in a few turns before I can cross here.

South of Berlin my armor burrows into the German line but is denied a breakthrough by reserve activations and some weaker German forces behind the line. Even so, this thrust has netted me a third hex-side on Berlin, allowing me to throw more artillery and another 3 corps into battle. I may try another direct assault on the city next turn, we shall see.

And in the south with troops in 4 countries operation 'Throw Away Men to Bleed the Germans White' continues.

I'm not kidding about that either. With all the German armor up by Berlin and no defensive terrain to dig into the Germans are getting absolutely butchered around Prague.

I'm considerably less successful down in the mountains but every German counter I can tie down is one less possible reserve activation near Berlin.

No counter-attacks this turn, just a slight re-jiggering of the lines to get well equipped formations to where they need to be.

I've now got 3 hex-sides on the capital, is that enough to end this war?