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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 30: Turn 27: December 18, 1941

Ugh brigades, I don't want any more brigades.

The howitzers and the 7th RVGK arty are attached to the 21st army on the southern flank of the Bryansk front and the 2nd and 8th arty are attached to the 34th army up on the northern front. Tracking these down is getting really tricky.

I forgot to mention it but a few turns back I made a few rocket regiments. Rocket regiments are always guards so thats why these guys are guards without showing up on promotion list. They're pretty cool but they're hard to keep supplied so you can't have a ton of them early.

I really want to join up with Leningrad but the Germans really aren't making it easy.

First up we push out and take another hex outside of Leningrad. Now that the lake is frozen over supplies are flowing into the pocket and these guys are all in incredible shape. We just need to get the frontage to get them out of the city and into the fight.

Further east we run into the 11th army. They're kinda beat up and having trouble making progress, so I pull their 3 worst divisions off the line to refit for a turn or two.

The Volkhov front continues to push south, every hex we take here shortens the front up here for when the blizzard stops.

The Germans have pulled back 10 miles here so we're gonna have to chase em.

The 60th in it's new hot pink uniforms blasts into a weak part of the German line and takes 20 miles off them.

The 4th is stuck entirely behind the lines, I think I'm gonna track down a beat up army and swap them out for the 4th.

There's not a whole lot of Germans here, and the ones that have stuck around are in terrible condition.

I nearly encircle another panzer division but fall just short, I love that all these divisions are short on supply.

Theres a huge number of motorized divisions here. I'd love to encircle them but that's never going to happen, I'll just settle for the 1st shock swooping down and beating the everloving shit out of them.

The rivers have finally frozen down here and the Romanians know it, they're running for the hills.

In the river bend there just aren't enough Germans to hold us back and we crush the defending line.

With the rivers frozen the southern front pours across and brushes aside the Romanian screen.

The 2nd shock finishes forming up and ships off to the northwestern front to break the siege of Leningrad.

What do I even do with these?!

We finish evacuating Taganrog, I probably shouldn't evacuate these planes but ehhhhh. Also it is very difficult to read city names in this weather. I think this is the end of my evacuating for the time being, I want to see where the Germans attack in the spring before I get more stuff.

The Germans pull away all across the front and only launch 2 attacks, both of which fail.

The Red Army launched 103 attacks this turn, 78 of which succeed with 2 Romanians routed. A bunch of the losses were from those goddamn German motorized divisions hiding behind the lines swooping in and slaughtering me.

Taking back the Motherland

Our OOB is actually falling for once but I don't care, we're taking the Germans down just as fast.