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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 33: Turn 30: January 8, 1942

So many divisions to capture this turn, I can't wait.

The commander of the 52nd army attached to the Volkhov front gets promoted, and for once a promoted commander is actually decent. Also some air commander gets 'd

The 3rd Cavalry Corps is attached to the 57th army, north of Moscow, they're the cavalry army I was planning on pulling off the line this turn to give them a turn to rest. The rifles are attached to the 29th army on the Kalinin front south of Moscow and that's the 4th guards division in that army so they've been doing a great job. I don't think I'm going to keep reporting on what armies the support guards are attached to. They're getting harder and harder to track down quickly and honestly who cares, they're not on the map.

The Transcaucasus front is unfrozen this turn and will start railing to the front line ASAP. They haven't been showing up on the maps I post at the start of the turn because I normally don't post stuff this far south.

The Germans have snapped shut on the city again and I don't think I'm going to be able to break free for awhile. For now we're just going to keep pushing southwest.

Most of our forces near the city are in pretty poor shape, I'm going to spend a turn reinforcing them before trying to break the siege again.

The rest of the front makes scattered progress, pushing aside the weaker German formations and threatening the stronger/more entrenched divisions with encirclement if they don't fall back.

More Germans get started on their long march to Siberia.

And the big prize for this turn, the Das Reich SS division gets encircled and barring some kind of miracle will be forced to surrender next turn.

This front is going very well, the only problem area is our northern flank is starting to falter so I'm going to send a rested army or two up there to relive the tired 57th Cavalry.

The 3rd shock gets as close as close as they can, they'll take up a spot on the line next turn.

Along the rest of the front we attack everywhere we can, pushing the Germans back another 10 miles.

There are 3 full armies off the line on this front because we're so bunched up. On the plus side this means that we're not going to have any problems with fatigue down here since we've got so many spare divisions to rotate in.

Delicious, we'll look at what we captured later. At the start of this turn the Germans had 1315 tanks fit for combat so we just destroyed something like 20% of the German armor on the entire Eastern Front.

Down at Kursk the 1st Shock continues to lay waste to all before it. If the Germans don't do something to stop me I'm going to start hooking back up north and see if I can't roll up some of the German line.

This front is straightening out now that there's no rivers for the defenders to dig in behind. The downside is that a straight line is a shorter line which allows the Germans to concentrate what forces they have down here more effectively.

Working my way down the line I run into Poltava where the Totenkopf SS division is entrenched with some infantry and an Italian cavalry. Their CV is too high for me to want to waste time and men assaulting directly so I'm just going to go around. If they don't evacuate I'll add another SS division to my collection.

And at the southern ende of the front the Transcaucasus front joins the war.

At Leningrad the Germans pull back a little and unless they get a really good reserve activation I'm breaking the siege next turn.

They also fail to break into my pocket, so we've bagged another SS division and an infantry division to keep them company.

Some of our captured equipment is filtering out to the frontlines, all the tanks are going to keep sitting in the pool until we get some more though.

The German tank pool is getting dangerously low, it will pick up once the blizzard stops but for now I'm going to enjoy picking them apart. We launched 78 attacks this turn with 61 succeeding while capturing 2 panzer divisions, 1 motorized division and 1 infantry division. A good turn.