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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 36: Turn 33: January 29, 1942

No log this turn because we didn't recieve any reinforcements. I think I'm going to stick guards up here from now on and just comment on interesting promotions rather than just spitting out a series of numbers about what army these are attached to.

I'm pretty sure this chump has been promoted before, I'd recognize that hat anywhere.

The trap is sprung and there's an entire army up for grabs. Now the only question is how much of it can we secure?

At Leningrad we push south, trying to secure the rail line. Rail repair units occupy space in the hex so we can't repair the rail while we're stacked 3 deep on it. So we've got to push another few hexes south to really secure this area.

So close. I think I'll probably get all of these. Low supply, bad terrain, bad weather and they have to move past my units to escape makes it very unlikely any of these Germans will make it out of this pocket.

Oh yeah I guess this happened too:

No units encircled here, how dull.

All we can do this turn is push the front out a little. A lot of divisions here are pretty tired so a week off from destroying the German army will do them some good.

This front is much more exciting and the Germans are in much worse shape.

First things first we encircle 2 infantry divivions.

The we force 2 more to surrender.

The rest of the front just launches some scattered attacks. A lot of divisions here are tired so I'm swapping some rested troops in and giving the fatigued formations a break.

Oh boy oh boy, another SS division for Stalin's board.

Well not all of those men were Germans but that's still a hell of a lot of tanks and men captured. Also visible in this picture is the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler making a surprise appearance as the 1=1 motorized division. Poor guys are doing their best.

In the far south our forces drive across the Yuzhny Bug river after sweeping aside all the Romanians defending it, we're only 150 miles from the Romanian border. The rest of the front just does their usual beat up all the Romanians routine.

18 infantry divisions and 2 panzer divisions are stuck in the northern pocket. I'm fairly certain I should be able to close it next turn and the Germans won't be able to re-open it. As far as I can tell this is the entire German 9th Army that's had a few units detached from the 4th panzer group.

Near Orel a German Panzer division blows open my pocket before bravely running away. The 2 pocketed infantry divisions didn't have the MP to escape so they'll be re-pocketed next turn.

Well with the awful weather it seems like nothing managed to escape my pocket, an entire German army in '42 goddamn.