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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 46: Turn 43: April 9, 1942

BurningStone posted:

Getting through the mud turns must be a trial. But at least they're quick to play.

I made a pot of tea and powered through 3/4 of them in about 4 hours so I'm nearly done with them. You guys on the other hand have 3 months of mud updates to look forward too. Speaking of which...

Ugh it's turn 2 of the mud and I'm already sick of this. First turn in months without guard promotions either, how miserable.

2 promotions in one turn, Stalins gone soft.

In the north we knock back that regiment again.

Those 2 divisions we encircled are still too strong to assault, gotta let them starve for another week or two before we can take them.

On the Bryansk Front we assault 2 regiments, driving back one and failing to budge the other.

And in the far south we rout a few Romanian counters.

April 9th is a German holiday, all axis forces take the week off.

We launched 7 attacks this turn with 5 victories, the Germans responded with 1 attack which failed. The armament pool claws its way back above 0 for the first time in a few weeks, will it continue to grow or will it fall prey to my mismanagement?