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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 48: Turn 45: April 23, 1942

No new units, no new guards, no fun.

This commander has seen a lot of action but his army hasn't. The 65th is just an army shell with no support units and no divisions attached to it that I made a few turns back for a specific purpose. Unfortunately for this guy he doesn't fit the bill and I sack him immediately.

Much better. You may notice that this commander has an exceptionally high mechanized score, that is because:

The 65th army is my first army to employ tank corps as its primary formation. 3 tank corps and 3 infantry divisions is an incredibly potent force. I would have liked to use motorized units but motorized brigades don't really have the staying power to support a tank corps and this army is expensive enough without need 30 AP worth of brigades to replace these divisions. The number of tanks is actually a little high, we're about 25% over-strength because we converted from brigades to corps this turn.

They just keep coming back for more every week.

Next week, next week these guys will give up.

Beating up some Romanians and Luftwaffe regiments, always fun.

And picking on a few overextended Romanians, there's way too many Germans down here nowadays.

The Germans launch 1 attack, routing a guards rifle formation because the line was a little too dense.

We're not even out of April yet.