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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 53: Turn 50: May 28, 1942

3 more mud turns, just 3 more.

What a sorry lot this is. And then Stalin goes and promotes them so they're more expensive to replace.

The 66th army finishes forming up, they'll be shipped off to a front as soon as the tank corps finish filling out in a turn or two.

3 HQs unfreeze this turn and get sent off to become the 67, 68, and 69th infantry armies. These won't get committed until July and I imagine the majority of them will be shipping off to the south. I really need to fix the support units on these HQs but I just don't have the AP to spare right now, maybe next month.

The only area of the front with any real activity. I rout 2 Romanian formations and continue to drive a wedge into the German line. I also secure the pocketed division by swapping out the tank brigades for infantry divisions.

Since I'd feel bad posting an update with literally 1 picture of the front here's a shot of our current rail network now that we've been locked in place for 2 months. We've basically caught up to the front everywhere except for the bulges we made during the snow and some gaps that the AI skipped behind the lines that don't really matter unless we start losing a bunch of ground. The only really important area our rail network is lacking is Leningrad.

And this is why, the selected hex is still under German control. What I need to reconnect Leningrad to the rail network is to take that one hex and the 3 German controlled hexes touching it. Unfortunately that's pretty much impossible right now because every hex in this area is stacked 2 deep with German infantry and level 3 forts but it's nice to dream.

Oh god back to back mud turns, what did I ever do to deserve this? The Germans are similarly horrified and launch a single attack which fails to do anything.

Also, German AP has dropped to 276 from over 400 last turn, what did they spend all those points on?

I've been thinking, if I capture Berlin before October I won't have to play any more mud turns. Maybe I can convince the Germans to just give up and let me take it.