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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 77: Turn 77: December 3, 1942

New Shock army forms up this turn, this one will eventually become a tank formation but it will be a few turns before it'll be ready to be deployed.

The big shift south as I rail my armies into position to invade Hungary. It will be a few turns before everything is in position but I should be ready before January. In addition to the western front I'm laying hands on every mobile army I can find, right now I'm up to 3 tank armies and 3 cavalry but that number should grow. The key here is going to be speed, there's 3 rail lines running into the Carpathians and all 3 need to be cut if I'm going to get my prize.

It looks like the German line is just a few hexes away but it's very hard to tell, air recon is nearly useless in the blizzard.

Yup there they are. Contact is made and I even manage to attack a division and drive it back. Supply up here is pretty good, the limiting factor is frontage. Until I can actually get into the Baltic states I am very limited on the number of hexes I can attack from.

The rest of the front is nowhere near the German line and is instead getting hung up on these worthless German divisions that were left behind to slow me down.

I am so sick of chasing Germans, stand still!

The entire front pushes forward and promptly runs out of supply. If the Germans pull back again I won't be able to follow them until the rails catch up.

Slightly better supply here but not by much.

Pushing further into this godforsaken frozen swamp. The speed of the advance is a little better but supply isn't.

The German line gets beaten up a little by the Voronezh front but I lack the MP to advance into the hexes I clear. There appears to be two lines of Germans here, a light one in the front to slow me down and a stronger one behind to entrench and stop me.

Advancing on Tarnopol and the Crimean front hits the end of my supply lines here. This should get better in a turn or two as my RR corps catches up but god damn this is annoying.

Forces are just beginning to arrive in Romania and it will be several turns before they're in position.

In the mountains I'm shifting in more of the Transcaucasus front to hold these Germans here. The stronger my force here the more forces they'll bring in to contain me.

On the Hungarian border things remain mostly static. My only concern here is holding onto Arad and keeping my line intact.

On the Leningrad front the Germans remain in contact for once, I'll be able to launch a few attacks up here next turn.

And in the south as well. The question is if I'll be able to attack these Germans with my supply lines as stretched as they are.

More and more Germans are showing up here every turn. I'm curious if they're going to try to attack me or if they're just trying to keep my cavalry out of the lowlands.

Losses remain mostly static as very little actual fighting is happening anywhere on the front. Most of the losses are probably coming just from attritional skirmishes down in the Carpathians.