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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 79: Turn 79: December 17, 1942

A new guard! These cavalry are up on the Leningrad front so they're one of the few forces that's actually in contact with the Germans.

Still in decent supply up here, enough to keep moving forward atleast.

The far north takes a trio of hexes. There's some stronger German formations up there that are stopping me from shattering the line, but they can't stop me from advancing.

The rest of the front advances 10 miles pushing back Germans wherver necessary. North of Pskov the 7th Independent army pushes across the frozen lakes and links up with the Northwest front.

Awful supply here that gets worse the further south you go.

The northern half of this front moves forward a little bit and promptly runs out of supply, the southern half doesn't move an inch.

You can see my RR corps coming up from Romania in this screenshot, the one ray of hope. If I don't get my truck situation under control soon I might end up setting huge swaths of the front static for a month or two. I've made huge gains this year and I'm paying the price now, my logistics is strained to the point of breaking down completely.

The only thing to happen on this front, I launch an attack on a single German division and don't follow up. Gotta get those rails caught up before I can do anything.

Time to start moving into position to launch this invasion.

It looks like there's less Germans here this turn but it's very hard to tell without reliable air recon.

Almost there, the attacks will start next week and the full power of this force will be brought to bear the following week.

The Germans are definitely pulling some formations out of the Carpathians, the question is where are they going.

Here maybe. The Germans are pulling back to their fortifications along the Hungarian border and it looks like they've got some depth to the line.

Offensive operations start next turn but I'm not expecting big results until the turn after that at the earliest. I need to continue getting into position and this weather isn't helping anything. These turns are pretty boring while I wait for the rail lines to catch up but it needs to be done. The last thing I want is to so dramatically over-extend that the Germans are able to launch a counter offensive and batter my armies.