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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 89: Turn 89: February 25, 1943

The last turn of the blizzard and from the Gulf of Finland to the Carpathians there is basically no war going on, how dull.

That huge ball of Germans is looking more and more menacing every turn. I should be in position to attack it right around when the mud starts.

Tallinn falls and with it 2 more divisions are trapped on the coast. This should all be cleaned up next turn and then these forces can move on to more important matters further south.

The Das Reich division is trapped with a panzer division and an infantry regiment as tank brigades liberate the port of Pamu. These forces might be able to escape and they can certainly recapture the port but making it out of Estonia in one piece is going to take some doing.

In the meanwhile the Northwest and Volkov fronts march on Riga and the massive German force just beyond it.

That German line is really really far away.

And so are my rail lines.

The southern end of the line runs out of supply but manages to snag 2 luftwaffe divisions.

And in the swamp the Central front threatens an infantry division. This whole front is a huge mess and I cannot wait to see how bad it's going to get when the mud hits. I've railed up my RR corps to run a line through Minsk in the hope that that helps bring this whole region under control.

3 fronts and 2 military districts squeezed in between the marshes and the Carpathians. I think I need to start converting a lot more corps down here.

The Southern M.D. pushes across the pre-war border in force in an attempt to prevent these divisions from breaking free again. I'm extremely skeptical that any of these counters are going to work their way free again.

I'm pretty amused by this, the entire Southern front is covering about 30 miles of the line. I really want to start converting this and the North Caucausus front but I've run out of support units to give them and if I make a corps without immediately giving it support units it's a nightmare to find it again.

It looks like the Germans are abandoning the Danube and are instead going to try creating a line to protect on a north-south axis.

The Volga cavalry continue their great work as the 15th guard cavalry sprints forward and cuts both the rails supporting this panzer corps that showed up. Depending on how much fuel is in this force I might be able to complete this encirclement but I don't think that's going to happen.

My airborne forces have finished deploying into a line and the large pocket gets compressed down to a more reasonable size. I'm unable to start forcing any surrenders since the 2 armies holding the pocket are in such ragged condition.

Closer to Budapest the German line is starting to come apart as the western front swings north to assault the city. I'm fairly confident that I can capture the city and force the Hungarians out of the war before the mud starts.

And in the west 2 corps cross the Danube. It looks like the Germans are mostly abandoning the river with only a few divisions left behind to slow me down while the primary line is further north.

The blizzard is over! This solves a lot of my supply problems and will allow me to advance a little faster. Now we've got 4 turns of snow before the entire front enters the mud dimension.

Parnu is retaken by the Germans which means these forces have an escape route. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get strong enough troops into the port to hold it against the Das Reich but I'm going to try.

On the North Caucausus front the motorized division fights free of the pocket. They'll be re-encircled next turn and then forced to surrender.

Cutting those rails worked apparently as most of that panzer corps becomes isolated. Now it's just a matter of tightening the noose before a relief force can get here.

With the blizzard finally over my supply situation should begin to steadily improve until the mud hits. Once that happens I'm in for a rather brutal 2 months but I should come out on the other end with a much more robust supply network capable of supporting offensives into Poland.