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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 93: Turn 93: March 25, 1943

A new Guards Army on the North Caucasus front and a second mechanized guards formation, great start to a turn.

Have the Germans abandoned the Batlic states in favor of making a line in Germany?

First off though, I level Kuressare to cut supplies to these islands but I think the rest of the Germans have already escaped. Next turn I'll move an army onto the islands to hunt down the remaining German formations.

And it looks like the Germans have abandoned the Baltics and are fortifying on the pre-war border. My front lines are a mess right now as I scramble to grab as much land as possible before the mud sets in but they'll get sorted out before I reach the German line.

Nothing interesting going on here but look at those forces forming up at Koenigsberg and Warsaw

Nothing really happens on this front. Everyone moves forward about 20 miles and I convert a bunch of counters to corps. Getting these 3 fronts (Central, Bryansk, Southwestern) converted mostly to corps is my priority for the next few weeks.

Slightly more exciting down here, gotta try and close a pocket around these divisions.

The Urals M.D. takes Brest Litovsk and spreads out into a defensive line. These armies are in garbage condition so the Volkhov front will be swinging up north over the next few weeks to cover this stretch of the line and relieve them.

This will hold unless the Germans commit another panzer force to breaking in, and even if they do most of the divisions will still be stuck due to the pockets being separated.

And the only front on the entire map with non-German counters visible.

The Germans trapped in the Carpathians are forced to surrender, there were a lot of decent divisions up there that the Germans can't really afford to be losing right now. Just to the west I surround the panzers that had cut off my airborne divisions. These look like they've got plenty of tanks so I'd love to force their surrender and take the edge off the soaring German tank numbers.

North of Budapest there's a rather robust German line forming. It's not strong enough to stop me from making progress but I'm not sure I've got enough troops down here to be able to keep up momentum.

Yeah, not enough troops around here. I'm going to have to re-activate the Romanian armies and bring them up so I can pull some of the Western front off to refit.

The mud is back! 4 weeks of mud then we get alternating mud/clear turns. This will be a good opportunity to catch my rails up and to reorganize large sections of the line for the invasion of Germany.

Because I'm sure as hell not going to be able to take much territory in this.

I'm not thrilled about the mud arriving but it's a good chance to step up my re-organization of the army and to get some rail lines run out to the front for summer.