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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 95: Turn 99-100: May 6 - May 13, 1943

So for the next month and a half most of the front is going to be alternating between mud and clear turns. To get through this as fast as possible the plan is for me to do 2 turns per update (one mud, one clear) until mid-July.

New unit for the month is on-map sappers. These would be pretty exciting if I wasn't already attaching 160+ sapper squads to every single corps on the map. I will eventually start making these but not for several months at the very least, right now I'm more interested in getting on-map artillery and condensing divisions.

The Germans are beginning to show up in force all along the line. The question now is who will have the higher CV once the mud ends?

Less troops here but more it's more than there's been in a month. The Germans are switching to a much more active defense.

Down in Hungary I take advantage of the good weather and launch a handful of attacks to drive the Germans back towards the German border. The German line is pretty flimsy down ehre but mine is too, I've got a single front covering about 100 miles of the line. Further north my fronts are covering half that distance or less.

The 7th Guards Army is on the North Caucasus front. Guards armies are capped at 11 on the map so I'm rapidly running out.

With the onset of clear weather the Germans fell back a few miles to shorten their line again, annoying.

The last Axis soldiers outside the pre-war borders, they'll be forced to surrender in 2 weeks during the next clear turn.

The Northwest front rejoins the line near Koenigsberg. The Leningrad front is still completely off the line and won't rejoin for another few weeks. In the meantime artillery is starting to arrive and get distributed amongst the fronts.

South of Koenigsberg I run into 2 triple stacks of German infantry that are pretty understrength. If this is the best the Germans can muster their line is going to shatter once they let me start attacking.

Lots of territory taken and still no sight of a strong German force.

Nearly to Warsaw, are the Germans really going to give it up without a fight?

Down near Krakow there are actually some Germans! I launch an attack to try to drive back a random infantry division but I'm repulsed by a reserve activation by a motorized division that has entirely too many tanks.

70 Miles to Vienna and it looks like the Germans are actually going to make me fight for it.

First off, the 1st Panzers are forced to surrender by my airborne force after being surrounded for about 6 weeks.

Then I try to launch some attacks on the western front but I'm stymied but tons of reserve activations.

Tons. The real problem here is the amount of ground the western front is covering. The Transcaucausus front is starting to redeploy over to this area now that east Hungary has been pacified. Ideally once they're over here I'll be able to punch through the German line again.

The mud is back so the only real German action this turn is a pair of attacks down in Hungary where the weather stays clear.

The Germans absolutely have to stand and fight now, at this rate I'll have Danzig before the summer is out.