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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 5: Operational Report: 11/12/41


While moving from San Diego to Pearl, a Japanese sub, I-20 slips through the destroyer screen and puts a torpedo into the side f the Saratoga! The sub is them able to evade the escort screen and slip away.

Over George Town, another wave of Japanese bombers come in and cause havoc amongst the ships loading troops there.

The increasing heavy losses in manpower and shipping mean we may have the abandon the evacuation to protect our shipping.

The smaller Carrier fleet returns, this time bombing Rabul as the Japanese fleet is seen once more, this looks like an invasion force, and New Britain was invaded a few hours later.

There may be the start of an offensive here, as bombers strike at Tavoy in south Burma. We will have to watch the area with care.

Over Clark field the largest CAP seen yet goes up to engage the enemy's attack, while taking some losses, they manage to destroy five enemy craft for the loss of two of their own. The next wave they faced was smiler with six enemy shot down for three losses.
The third saw two kills for three losses, the pilots having to cope with wave after wave of Japanese bombers and fighters coming in, preventing them from reloading and resting. When the afternoon comes, the CAP is half the size it was in the morning, and loses one plane without doing any damage to the enemy.

The war in China is defiantly heating up. There are numerous attacks all over the country inflicting heavy losses on both sides.

Where the Chinese army has not formed up properly, it takes heavy losses, proving that we need to concentrate these forces for them to have any effect.

Guam is taken, the troops there had no chance of holding, being outnumbered nearly ten to one. They surrendered to a man rather than wasting their lives in battle.

Today has seen some of the heaviest air combat of the war so far, with over thirty planes lost on both sides. The number of our ships lost is now above 40, and we can only confirm five enemy ships sunk.

The main interest from Sigintel is that we can expect and attack on both Davao and Mauban.
Although these are both in the Philippines, and Davao already has an enemy fleet parked outside of it this is nothing new to us.

We got lucky here Gentlemen. The torpedo that struck the Saratoga did little damage to the ship, although she is still taking on water, we think that she should be able to reach San Diego with little trouble.

This could have been another disaster. When she sets out once more, we must increase the number of escorts to protect these valuable ships.

I also use my clout to free up two squadrons of dive bombers from defending the west coast. These planes are going to Pearl where they will be more useful than sitting defending the coast. If the enemy get that far, were all in trouble.

The game uses something called political points, we use those to free up forces from defensive units and change generals and captains. We get a set number a turn, but can lose them by not withdrawing troops by certain dates.

The Prince of Wales is ready to make her run from Singapore, lets hope that they can get out of bomber range.

To try and counter the enemy somewhat, I have arranged for a number of cruisers to go north to try and disrupt the enemy landings, this force is big enough to cause some trouble, but still small enough to be expendable.
If we can catch a transport force unguarded, then we can sink them and slow down the enemies advance.

In Australia, I order several of the units guarding Sidney transferred to my command and moved up to Port Moresby. The lack of fighters is still going to hurt, but hopefully I can get some more in before the battle proper begins.

While avoiding direct combat, I have ordered units to move forward and try and cut the enemies supply lines, this will slow their advance somewhat.

I also see what seems to be an unguarded base, and order all available units to advance. This will be a war of opportunity for a good time yet.