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War in the Pacific

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Part 7: Operational Report: 13/12/41

Overnight another submarine attack happens, when our S-39 hits a Cargo ship carrying fuel south of Hong Kong. The ship is left burning from bow to stern as S-39 slips away into the night.

Over the skys of China, the Chinese air force make themselves known the the enemy, but the superior Japanese planes have no problem in shooting down their opponents.

On the ground, a large battle begins between a large number of Chinese and Japanese troops. The attack breaks through the Chinese defensive line, but does not push them back.

Early in the morning a number of Motorboats out of Manilla find a Japanese convoy, they attempt to engage, but withdraw when the destroyers begin firing on them from long range.

As the day wears on, the numerous air raids begin. This time there is a much larger Zero escort, and the bombers reach their targets easily. Soon an aircraft tender, and light freighter have been sunk.

Over Clark's field, the American Pilots have a field day with a flight of older Jap bombers.

The ground forces of the Japanese invasion force push the Philippines 11th division out of San Fernando, killing or capturing over 1,600 men for losses of around 400 men on their own side. Laoag also falls today due to the lack of defenders.

The Japanese fleet at Rabaul is forced back by the accurate fire of the coastal batteries, hopefully before they have had any real chance to offload supplies. Another landing force arrives at Madang, another undefended base.

Madang falls quickly, but Rabaul's defenders manage to hold out.

Another day, another slew of reports of lost bases and areas in danger, at least no carriers have been torpedoed today. The Saratoga's doing fine, she has not taken on any more water and should be in port tommorow.

Nothing much of interest there, mainly garrison deployments.

Things could be better, we have now effectively lost control of the north of Luzon. The SS Spearfish is reporting many taskforces in his area, but damage has already forced Commander Pryce to try and retreat to Manilla, he reports he is taking on water, and does not rate his chances if attacked again.

At Clark Field, things are looking grim, despite having three squadrons stationed there, the air force there can only put up a maximum or 13 planes, with another 16 undergoing repairs. This is a massively reduced force from a few days ago, showing the price we have paid to slow down the bombers.

Again, not much we can do at the moment, as we have to wait for convoys to arrive. I've adjusted a few convoys to help with supplies. Its still holding on for now though.