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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1000: Operational Report: 01/09/44

The daylight bombers get a large raid in, and cause some damage.

The Havoc's continue to burn stuff at a frightening rate.

We carry one bombing the enemy airbases.

Meanwhile, we break a level of fortifications at Pagan.

I finally have the men to attempt the shift at Kiangtu, the only base they hold in the south now.

Whats special about today? Apart from the end of the month update? I'll tell you.

This is my 1000th update.

In. A. Row.
And some of you poor bastards have read all that!

I'll accept your adulation, your praise, your gifts of money, your nubile daughters and/or sisters. (scratch that last one, the wife saw it) – I am the god of LP, and will be expecting the calls from the gaming press any time soon.

Or I could just give you the monthly report and stop lying to myself about how important I am.

So we've had a fairly good month.

We gained 11,000 points on the Japanese in one month. We now need 54,000 points to win the game in 1945, so we will win in five months at this rate – not that I think we can maintain this rate. At 200 points a day, a more realistic target, we are looking at 9 months to win the war.

We took five bases in the month, but they were good ones. Its the strategic bombing that’s doing the damage. 7000 points in the month.

In the air, the Japanese lost 450 more aircraft than we did.

The also lost two hundred points more on the ground than we did.

Finally, when we look at ships sunk, we lost 28 and the Japanese 33, so were actually positive there for once.

Points wise, we sank 129 more ships than we lost.

Now, on to another month!