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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1001: Operational Report: 02/09/44

The Japanese try and slip some more supplies into Siapan.

The daylighters do their work.

The Avengers strike at some ships, and take out an escort.

Our fighters begin to push out from Rangoon. The dream of air superiority is still alive!

One of our tankers gets to close to the enemy coastline, and pays for it when it runs into enemy carriers.

Over Prome, we have huge numbers of planes in the air, but get only one hit.

The second wave gets a better response.

Things are getting interesting in Burma again, and we should see the increased numbers of planes coming into play soon. This will allow me to begin to push forwards.
We gain a hundred points, which seems to be our basic for now, but at Guam, the air HQ has arrived, and I'm switching bomber formations over to that. I need more air support at Tinian, but that's on its way as well.

I may have over egged it at Guam, but at least they can move forwards from here.

You can't argue with the results though. I order them all into action tomorrow. The bombing raids should be effective, if they can find their targets.