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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1003: Operational Report: 04/09/44

The night bombers get a few more hits.

We take out another troop transport.

The Daylighters do their work as normal.

We set fire to some more of Sapporo.

The Avengers hit another enemy ship.

The next wave goes in and finds a cruiser!

The Japanese have moved another carrier into the Marianas Islands, we butcher their first wave, but I need to move my carriers back up there to try and catch this force.

Their second wave is dealt with in the same way, but gets closer to the ships docked at Guam.

We smash through another layer of fortifications at Pagan, but it costs us a little. Back to deliberate attacks.

The Japanese continue to raid Chiang Mai.

Another good day, the Japanese lose over twice the planes we do. I'm going to try a daylight raid with the Guam bombers and reactivate the Tinian bombers for night missions. Lets see if we can get some big scores – I want to try and beat last month!