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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1004: Operational Report: 05/09/44

The Tinian bombers get some good hits in.

They send in numerous waves, and a veritable firestorm is whipped up!

The daylight raid from Guam hits the enemy hard as well, and we only lose two bombers!

The Other bombers continue to do their work as well.

A Japanese sub makes a surface attack on my shipping. It gets some hits in, but it blasted in return. Shame I lose the ship torpedoed.

I'm sending in more supplies, but this time, we have a few fighters in the area to protect the convoy. The valuable ships did not die in vain!

We see off several more raids, and the Japanese planes start dropping from the skies.

The Japanese try a counter offensive to the north, but we stop them.

We take Paoting. The real target is Peiping, which is worth 1400 points to us!

We continue to push at Pagan.

The fires gain us another eight hundred points. Looking at my remaining bombers, most of the damage has been repaired, so I'm going to do the same tomorrow!