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Part 1008: Operational Report: 09/09/44

The Pargo makes a surface attack, and obliterates a very large freighter. I also miss another ship hitting a tanker hard.

The night bombers start their work.

Its a bad night for them, they lose three planes across the raids, and I realized that a lot of y Guam planes are gone – lost to crash landings and while returning home after the day attacks I have to assume.

Hitting Sapporo is effective once more.

I wish I had something to hunt this carrier down with.

Our carriers are back, and hammer Saipan.

We continue to chip away at the Koepang defenders.

The battle for Pagan is going well.

Another day. Another series of bombing runs on Japan. The carriers are sweeping up to Iwo-jima, trying to catch some supply ships and easy kills. That said, we still gained a nice 600 points today. 50,003 points until we win! Notice that we now have the words *minor victory* on the score card!

The subs are doing well, shame I missed two of their exploits today.