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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1010: Operational Report: 11/09/44

The Pogy hits a freighter, but the escorts hit them in return.

The night bombers from Guam try an attack on Yokohama.

They run into some fighters, but we do get some hits in.

Another sub pops up to hit a tanker – insert obligatory cooking joke here.

We see our numerous fighters winning once more.

The Japanese throw away some men by attacking our forces in Tavoy.

We hit the enemy task force again, and more bombs fall on their most important ships.

We deal with the counterstrike easily.

Then hit them once more.

We also sink a destroyer (not shown) and savage another freighter.)

I hope to see a collapse at Koepang soon.

We hit Pagan once more, and break their defences.

Another good day – nearly a 1000 points gained, three hundred from Strategic bombing, the rest must be from lost shipping that we can not confirm yet.