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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1012: Operational Report: 13/09/44

We hit Osaka once more.

We smash Sapporo, and set many fires. I wish I could get these liberators closer – I wonder if I could island hop once more?

The carriers catch some more supply ships near Chichi-jima.

The Avengers of the north hit the Tone. Its odd that this cruiser is just sailing around doing nothing.

We still have a few planes in the air in Burma.

The Koepang defenders become to come apart. Eight more units are destroyed by attrition, and I expect the battle will be over now.

My CVE's arrived at Pearl, and I broke down the task force yesterday. Today, they all go into refit. Figures.
I put the figures into my spreadsheet, and notice the Japanese plane losses jump by six hundred points, and ship losses by the same. I think we got a carrier. We gain 1100 points overall, which makes it a good day.