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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1016: Operational Report: 17/09/44

We hit Oskaka once more, and we set many many more fire.

We pile on raid after raid, and soon we top even yesterdays totals of fires.

Hitting Nagoya only gets us one hit.

After a long time hoarding my bombers, the Shanghai Express comes into action and hits Kansas!

The Avengers go after the Maya, but don't score any hits.

The Scorpion shoots up a tanker.

The the Tambor picks off a escort.

We sweep Moulmein.

The next wave does even better.

We begin the clean up at Pagan.

This is followed by a large number of attrition collapses. This clears the island.

Deep into Vietnam, our main force pushes away another roadblock, after spending a month traipsing through the jungle.

Back in the mainland, we push one of those smaller units back once more.

We also take another attempt at clearing Kiangtu (again.)

We gain another 700 points today, as the bombing campaign ramps up. We get both the escort and the tanker, as well as another escort from August.
The Siapan units are at 60% planning now, so I'll give them a bit more time then load them up and get ready to cause some damage. The Pagan troops start planning for the last island in the chain.

Osaka still burns, so its not looking good for the city. Well from the Japanese perspective. Their light industry is crippled, and we've hurt their heavy industry as well. I really want to take the aircraft factories out though.