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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1018: Operational Report: 19/09/44

There are only two raids tonight, and no hits.

The Corvina hits a tanker, then gets hit hard herself.

The Saury is a little more successful

We get a few hits on Sapporo.

We run into a lone destroyer near Koepang, which flees.

This unfortunately lets them know the ships are there, and a raid follows them in.

Things go badly, there should be air support from the other end of Timor, but it seems to be missing.

The Japanese carriers move in, and come under attack from the ground based planes – who are not as skilled as our carrier based pilots, and get themselves buchered.

Luckily their pilots are poor as well, and when they strike my massed and precious bombers on Tinian, they get cut down in large numbers as well.

The Japanese attack at Kiangtu, but we hold them off easily.

At Peiping, the Japanese attack, and send our men running. They will nurse their wounds and let the bulk of the forces catch up.

Owch, that was another painful day in China. Lets see what we can do when the bulk of the forces catch up.

The mess at Koepang costs me however, and I order the ships out of there.

I still gain 200 points though!