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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1020: Operational Report: 21/09/44

The Tunny torpedoes a freighter, then dives deep.

The bombers have been set to Yokohama, but I forget they have good flak gunners here. This costs me some valuable planes.

Even at Sapporo we lose some planes.

Hitting Maebashi is more effective.

Our carriers get into range and begin bombing Saipan.

The Japanese from Peiping follow our troops, and send them running once more, as you can see, the main force is catching up now. The losses here are high, and two units collapse during the attack, but this is going to be a short counter offensive by the Japanese.

Things are going poorly at the moment, and I'm retargetting the bombers to Maebashi, which is less well defended – we can't afford to lose to many bombers. I may have to increase the bombing height for the bombers, but that will hurt their accuracy.
Everyone else is planning for their next targets.