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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1021: Operational Report: 22/09/44

Why is it always my tankers? And where are the destroyers?

I decide that I'm going to bombard Siapan, so I've gathered up my battleships and make the first raid – although it looks like they are going to have to make the round trip to Rabaul to rearm.

The first night raids on Maebashi go in, and those that find the target get some hits.

The fighters get gunned down by the successive waves, making a bad night for the Japanese night fighters.

With the fighters gone, the bombers really get to work.

The Express run into some fighters, but still get some hits in.

I think moving these avengers north was a great idea.

The Japanese are not messing around near Rangoon.

Their strike on Prome is also large – but met by more force, and loses a lot more planes.

Our Chiang Mai force move forward, and launch a automatic shock attack – they need to rest up, and I will see about flying in supplies to them.

A better day, our score gain is always positive, but has slowed in the last few days. Then again, If I continued scoring at the rate I was, the war would be over by xmas!