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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1022: Operational Report: 23/09/44

We hit Meabashi, and start a good number of fires.

Many of these are still burning come daylight.

The Express continues to do their work.

We see the carriers doing their work once more, the Japanese have a lot of unprotected convoys here, and I plan to make a mess off them!

We take out another tanker, but miss the other two!

The next wave takes out the escort – with two bloody torps!

This is more like it!

We sink Okinawa, but miss an oiler!

Still, this is a great day!

Come afternoon, we start over again.

The tankers are not as lucky this time!

The Betties come in over Shanghai, but we have fighters here now, and they make their presence known.

The Chinese forces do their work once more.

We push the Japanese back in Thailand.

We gain another 300 points today, and most of those come from this.

11 ships sunk, plus many more damaged. I'm going to carry on raiding this line until the Japanese shift their ships further north. Then I'm going to push further north myself.

11,500 men at Peleliu – I may well avoid that one and starve it out.