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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1025: Operational Report: 26/09/44

I switch all the night bombers to hitting Nagoya.

The Express has a poor day.

We also raid Iwo-jima with our carriers.

The carriers sweep towards the Philippines, and catch another tanker task force.

The terrible weather means that many of our planes get lost, but we still get a few hits.

We also catch another oiler.

They come under attack themselves, but shoot down the enemy planes in large numbers without taking a hit.

The next wave loses more planes, but slips one through the net to hit the Yorktown II

We hit Babeldaob, their base, and take more out on the ground.

The Japanese throw away more men attacking our forces at Molemien.

More enemy planes go down as we cause nice damage to the Japanese merchant navy.

For those worried, the Yorktown II is okay, and is heading back to Pearl for some repairs.

The rest of the task force has earned some R&R as well I think.