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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1027: Operational Report: 28/09/44

The bombers continue their work.

They stack the damage up once more.

The Avengers get a good hit on the Chokai. The Japanese sure do like moving cruisers around here.

They get another solid hit in the afternoon as well.

So I decided that it was time to try some bomber support for my men invading Burma.

Its a good thing I don't believe in overkill! And this is just the fist wave!

The Japanese are trying to disrupt my bombing campaign with carriers once more, the ground based planes make their attacks but fail to get any hits.

When they try and strike the island, only one plane survives to see a ship, and it is shot down by flak.

Of course, our carriers in the region decide that hitting the island is more important.

Further south, the other Japanese carrier makes a strike on the Victorious, but does not make it through.

We then confirm this carrier as the Akagi

So many carrier targets. I want to sink them all, but I'm not sure I can intercept properly. Lets have a go though! It could be interesting. Also in interesting news, I now have these guys at Guam.