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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1028: Operational Report: 29/09/44

Shanghai is hit by a larger force than normal.

We bump over that unit once more on our way to Bangkok.

We light some more fires.

I miss the shots, but the Pompano slams three torps into the Chokai.

Thankfully, the captain comes around and puts a couple more in, just so I can get the screenshot! Thanks mate!

The Japanese ram a supply convoy heading north.

Our Avengers hit another cargo ship.

The massed bombers hit Moulmien once more. They only report minor casualties, but I have to assume this is doing more damage than is being reported. Either that, or I'm recreating the Vietnam war.

They attack us once more, but we hold them off with ease.

Despite the fact that the Japanese carriers are right there, my carriers strike Saipan.

We take out a unit at Manado. Its just a matter of grinding them down here.

Another good day and another 250 points gained. Shame my carriers are apparently combat averse.

We lose three ships to those dammed kamikaze attacks. The Ops report tells me they think we got the Chokai however, and this is probably a good chunk of today's points.