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Part 103: Operational Report: 19/03/42

As predicted, our cruisers find the enemy transports unloading in Akyab.

How do you like them apples? Revenge is a dish best served at any time!

Unfortunately, this does nothing to stop that dammed armour advance up inland.

After checking Denpasar yesterday, it seems that all the planes there are damaged, and looking at the damage to the base, are likely to stay that way.

Especially getting hit like that every day.

Our retained Banshee's at Port Moresby make an attack on a freighter that comes into range, but they are butchered by the defending Oscar fighters.

I need to look at getting some more fighters out to Wake and Eintewok, these bombing runs are beginning to cost us dear.

Its taken some time, but I've finally gotten the men on Kwajalien into shape for an attack, I try a deliberate attack, not knowing the quality of the troops.

It seems that the Japanese troops stationed here are of poor quaility, so I'm going to try a shock attack tomorrow, maybe we can secure another of our objectives in the Marshal Island campaign!

The Imperial Army in China continue to throw good men after bad in Sinyang, its something about their honour system that means they can't realize when they are just wasting lives on frontal assaults.

But its something we're seeing time and time again.

At Hankow, we shatter the enemies defence and force him to retreat, once more, we pursue with one unit, and inflict heavy casualties on the retreating troops.

This is not our only victory either, in Kweiteh, we push a small force out of the city and secure another strangle hold on the enemies supply lines.

You know, that was not that bad a day, we didn't lose to many ships, and inflicted some nice hits to enemy morale. We still lost land in Burma and Java, but that's only to be expected at this time.

In value, the number of ships lost is basically even, but I got replacements for all those ships today, I'm willing to bet the Japanese didn't.

Looking at the Pearl Harbour repair screen, I find that the Saratoga made it back to port today and was put straight into the dry dock.

Motherfucker. A years repairs are needed, so the plan is to give it a week or so to try and repair some of that engine damage and repair as many pumps as possible, then send her back to the west coast – lets hope they can do something more there.
A year, I mean, I ask you.

As I'm not going to need my destroyers to escort any carriers for a while – only the Yorktown being active right now – I put together a number of planes to go over to wake.

Some dive bombers, a load of fighters and two squadrons of B-17's – who should make the life of the Japanese in the Marshal Islands interesting, if nothing else.