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War in the Pacific

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Part 1030: Operational Report: 01/10/44

I continue to support my troops with massed bomber strikes.

Note to self, send no more planes north. Must limit “Greeey!” Moments.

PS to self, look into getting emoticon. Remember to make a comment about Japanese attrition.

We strike Tokyo with the Urrupu-jima bombers, but need to rest them up before making another attack.

I said that the listing of the Zuiho as sunk was premature.

Now its official. Welcome to October, Bitches!

We also hit the escort.

Well, we take out another carrier, but we lose a lot of ships in the north.

We still gain 250 points, but its a mixed start to the month.

The Ops report gives us another carrier today though!

So how does it look for the month?

We gained 11,994 points last month, over 700 more than last month. There is no way I can keep this up however, as I'm running out of carriers to sink. It does mean we're 25,000 points over, and need 43,000 points to win. Its not going to be over by xmas, but we're still looking good.

We lost 1200 points worth of planes last month, and the Japanese 1900, so their losses are far outstripping ours, and are approaching 2:1 losses for the war.

On the ground, we killed 173 points more than we lost, which is always good.

At sea, we lost 24 ships, and sank 54 this month.

Points wise, we killed 500 points more than we lost, and that's before we have confirmed all the enemy carriers as sunk.

The strategic bombing campaign does 7000 points worth of damage, and rounds off the month. Next month will be slower, as I'm going to have to concentrate on new invasions, and the bombing campaign needs to shift gear, but its been a good couple of months!