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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1031: Operational Report: 02/10/44

The B-29's decide to take off this time, and while lots of them get lost, nine of them get a good number of hits.

We mount this as the night goes on – we also shoot down about a dozen enemy planes.

The Japanese mount another series of attacks on the northern shipping.

The Tokyo attack scores a few hits.

We make a bombardment attack on Siapan, which is very effective.

There is still a Japanese carrier in the region, which now has a few less planes.

We continue the support of Moulmein. I always wish that I could get a better idea of what its doing.

The Japanese bombers go north of Rangoon.

The bombing raids cause another three hundred points of damage, and we creep ever closer to victory.

The north is costing me a few ships.