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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1033: Operational Report: 04/10/44

Dammit! Another dud torpedo!

I'm shipping three more divisions to Pearl, a Japanese sub tries to intercept them, but is mauled.

The carriers catch a Tanker fleet, and savage it.

The bombers continue their work here.

A quiet day for once, while we're having a break I'm building up my bomber formations in Urrupa-jima once more.

gradenko_2000 posted:

Grey still has at least a Crusader Kings and a Scourge of War LP in the works, and Matrix Games is planning to release War in the West at some point, so there's still going to be a lot of :gh: to go around, whether it's Bigglesworth's ancient ancestor getting sunk off the Isle of Man, ordering hapless Union regiments to shock attack into the Stonewall Brigade, or getting Patton to piss away his troops on a bad river crossing.

The CKI game is pretty much dead I think, I doubt people would want to see one now that CKII is out.

I have a grand total of 24 SOW vids on my hard drive for 13 scenarios, which I shall be sign to provide action to the Forge of Freedom portion of my ACW megathread I shall be starting as soon as I am settled in the new bunker. (GH stalkers update - I have completed, and am currently adding new paint to the walls before moving the command equipment in next weekend.)