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Part 104: Operational Report: 20/03/42

The enemy make another raid on Wake, sailing another destroyer, this time the Yamagumo makes a mess of our ships. The two destroyers defending the supply convoy are unable to get a hit on the enemy vessel, but at least allow the cargo ships to get away without any torpedo hits.

This is the vanguard for a larger force, which is sailing into the harbour. Little do the the Japanese know that I have positioned a force at Wake in the last 24 hours to defend against this kind of thing.

Even outmatched, our ships make a brave go at it, surprising the enemy force and getting a few solid hits into them before they realise that they are under attack, we lose one of the destroyers unfortunately, but heavily damage two of theirs as well as the cruiser Yubari.

They are unable to get the enemy to break off their attack, and the battleships are soon training their guns on the shore. But the Allied commander, Scanland, comes back in with his cruisers at dawn, this time he manages to get the advantage once more, and crosses the T on the enemy force.

Once more, they survive the uneven fight, although this time with some damage. They then have to fend off a attack by enemy bombers, but come through that without a scratch.

The enemy send more planes to Kunming, I have figured out why now – this is where the planes we use to ferry supplies in south are based, the enemy with this bombing raid is trying to stall our offensive by reducing the one supply line we have to rubble.

The Japanese forces in Wuchang, now cut off from the rest of their forces, try desperately to try and force their way past our soldiers.

They pay dearly for this attack, just as they have paid for all the other attacks they have made here.

The same story is repeated at Sinyang, where another four thousands casualties are taken, mainly on the enemies side.

Of course I can't all go our way, and the assault on Anyang is a disaster.

Outnumbered 4 to one, there is little hope of our soldiers making any head way, but they try, and over half the attacking force is killed, wounded or captured.

Denpasar is hit hard today, and the runway will be inoperable now, and another damaged plane is destroyed. I'll most likely withdraw all these units to get them out now that they cannot fly.

The Port Moersby bombers make another run at those bombers, and this time they manage to get two hits on the unloading ship. Although this comes at the cost of two of their planes.

Near Soerabaja, we lose another P-400 in what's becoming a daily ritual.

It seems that the Japanese are cementing their hold on Luganville – they now have planes stationed there.

we must watch this, if these attacks become more regular then we will need to do something about them.

God dam, but did those cruisers have me sitting on the edge of my seat there. Taking on two battleships not once but twice!

We're only claiming the one destroyer, but we know that the cruiser will be out of action for a while, and as Asset Tracking has previously mentioned, this is soon going to be straining the ship repair capacity – slowing it down.

On that front, the West Virginia, Tennessee and California will be leaving for San Francisco tomorrow. That should help Pearl Harbour to repair a bit quicker.