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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1043: Operational Report: 14/10/44

The invasion of Saipan begins with a thunderous bombardment. If their reporting 116 casualties, then its going to be much higher.

The carriers support this, but the Japanese have no fuel to send up their planes.

Its evening before the invasion begins, but the planning allows us to land our men without to many casualties.

Oddly, my men don't make a shock attack, and the bombardment attack shows I massively outnumber the Japanese before all of my men are ashore. Tomorrow, the attack begins.

We land more bombs on the Moulmein defenders.

While we continue to fight the Japanese bombers who are targeting a near useless base.

The Express make another run, but lose some of their planes.

Our Avengers hit another ship.

My Troops have landed on Siapan and have arrived in Peiping. So tomorrow will see some ground combat at least.
We gain close to 300 points, and I unlock a load of New Zealand solders and planes – they have had an easy war until now.